Thursday, December 1, 2016

We have been very busy these last few months! Travel between 7 different countries, 3 continents, in 5 weeks! Still managing to keep designing as we go though...

Live Now:

• 5 Superyacht Designs 

• 2 Custom Tender Designs

• 1 Interior Design Project

• 3 Car Design Projects

• 4 Furniture Design Projects

• 1 Restaurant Redesign Project

• 3 Brand Marketing Projects

• 2 Bespoke Cutlery Design Projects

• 1 Concept Art Feature Film Project

• 1 Design Book Project

• ...Along with several other endeavors as well in consulting and advisory boards!

Here are a few of the pieces we can show right now... Enjoy!

Quicksilver DNA Bench:

Teaser of New Yacht Design for Italian Yard:

Discommon Concept Blueprint Caffeine Platform (Coffee Table!):


SciFi Film Concept Helicopter Sketch:

Water+Glass Superyacht Client Proposal:

More fun to come! Which is your favorite design? What can we create for you?

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