Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Concept Design, and Update...

Did this sketch for a game concept I am working on- I like the way he turned out.

I am designing with Winter Custom Yachts frequently now, and really enjoying the partnership. Check out this video we went out to the OBX to shoot:

We shot this on a cold crisp day, departing Wrightsville Yacht Club, and pushing this 60' sport yacht to her limit for the next hour, while being chased by a shiny black helicopter (with the camera crew aboard). Fun like you wouldn't believe, with 3,100 hp on tap- you could really feel it. This boat is currently on sale for $2.5m- if you or anyone you know is looking for one of the best sportfishers in the water, at a steal (believe it or not), this is your boat.

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