Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Notify NavSystem

The Notify NavSystem is created for bikers and motorcyclists, and is aimed at delivering navigational capabilities in usable form to the common rider and contributing to their safety. Here are some early sketches for the project. Can you spot a special sketch in this collection?

Project: In development of this project, an entry for an international design competition, research showed that the need was for a bare-bones, audio-based system, so as not to distract the rider. Oakley was chosen as the speculative brand for the project, as they have launched a couple of the first eyewear-integrated electronic products (Mp3 player, and Bluetooth headset) on the market, and gave an aesthetic direction to the project.

Directions are uploaded into a USB watch component, and audio instructions and directions are fed to the glasses' ear pods via Bluetooth technology.The USB case on the watch is also detachable from the band, allowing it to be mounted directly to the fork crown or handlebars on the bike or motorcycle, easing operation with one hand. The system uses A-GPS, which is a triangulation based, simple locator technology. A-GPS reduces the amount of hardware required, by offloading most of the processing onto a remote assistance server, and is the same technology used by 911 to determine location in calls from mobile phones, and so can also be used in locating a stranded or lost rider.This is a pure, basic system, aimed at easing
navigation on and off the road, and keeping riders safer!

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