Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This is a product I have dubbed "CDesign." A slight play on "See+Design". Collaborated with a some electrical engineers at NCSU in Raleigh, NC to reverse engineer some portable CD players, and then turn and back up into a finished product on the other end, with a different level of functional understanding at our fingertips. Many wanted to create an indestructible CD player, but my mind was that Mp3 players have already conquered that arena, and if my design was to be relevant, I needed to come at the player sideways a bit. In order to achieve relevancy some distance into the future, I mixed some of the past and some of the future into what is a fading technology.

In doing a "stripped" CD player, I reached back to the classic turntables of a Golden Era of music for its function, and forward to a Star Wars final fit, form, and polish. My hope was to convey it as an intriguing piece of dynamic, sparkling, aural sculpture, seen on Mahogany desks in
private libraries, and also sitting in its own corner in Moby's minimalist living room. I hope to refine this idea someday, and see it realized by a company that truly knows sound, so the CDesign will truly be worth having.

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A few Op-Ed pieces on this design...